We Are Live!

“Then Jonathan said to David, “Go in peace. We have taken an oath in the Lord’s name to be friends forever. We have asked the Lord to be a witness between us and our descendants forever.”

1 Samuel 20:42

My Friends this post will not be as long as it should be (as least as long as I think it should be).

And no, the title is not a typo, although yes we are also alive- I meant what I wrote- this is not a drill-


This is a quick note to let you all know that 2 weeks ahead of schedule I received my physical copy of David and Jonathan- and then 1 week ahead of the new schedule- it released and went live on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble!

I am still a bit awestruck when looking at it on my bookshelf (complete with bookmark- because as I told my sister, I wrote this book because it was the book I wanted to read- and could not find).

The short of it is, I would have been long searching for the courage that has been continuously poured into me throughout this process- especially by many of you who follow this blog.

While I am hoping to get a couple more posts up this week about additional thoughts surrounding “today” outside of my personal bubble of life- or at least related to other bubbles within my own personal sphere- I just wanted to take this moment to;

  1. Thank you
  2. Let you know we were here (Cheers!)
  3. Show off this beautiful picture my sister captured this weekend while we were creating bridal bouquets for her big day in May

And, for a bonus, to enjoy this moment where I was brave enough-

Where I dared to do what I could not fathom being done-

Realizing that this will not be a perfect book, but my first book; not my final step but a beginning step;

That there is glory in the heartache and redemption through the refinement…

I did not become this brave on my own. It took you, it took family, it took friends, it took encouraging words- it took people believing in me when I may not have believed in myself…

And most importantly- it took a God who believes in me more than I do, a God who knows what can be done when we put our hand to plow and refuse to turn back, when we work on the wall and refuse to come down, when we surrender our fear for His promises and step out to face our giants.

This all of this said I will leave you with one final (for this post anyway) Thank You, the link to David and Jonathan on Amazon (David and Jonathan ) and what I believe is most fitting, the final line from the book itself (following the discussion),

“With all this said, cheers to you, your journey and your own host of heroic back up!”

** Stay tuned for possible book signings in Central Ohio.

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