David and Jonathan Trailer

Hello, again, my wonderful friends- I do not know if you can tell this week’s schedule has me a bit backed up on posting-

However, I wanted to give all of you who do not follow the Declare Hope Facebook Page an update on how David and Jonathan is progressing-

We are still waiting for the electronic copies for David and Jonathan to be transcribed for Kindle, Nook and Apple eBooks.

Meanwhile, my publisher did create a book trailer for David and Jonathan which is available on youtube- I am putting a link here if you would like to check it out- David and Jonathan Book Trailer (I have to admit, I was humbled they put it to fantastically epic music- also the feature image for this blog is a screenshot from the trailer.)

I have one book signing… tentatively… scheduled at my local church here in central Ohio- I will keep you posted as we start to solidify plans and set dates (and hopefully thaw out a bit).

Stay posted for an upcoming discussion concerning my latest project! (My hope is that the explanation point conveys my excitement as I am currently without emojis) – Also – possibly stickers… but that is a story for a different day!! (Note: 2 Explanation points!)

As always much love friends, Britt

P.S. You can find links to the paperback versions of David and Jonathan below;

David and Jonathan; Amazon

David and Jonathan; Barnes and Noble

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