About Declare Hope

Welcome to Declare Hope!

Whether you are here because you know the author, myself, personally and love me a great deal- enough to take time and explore what I have attempted and finally compiled together after all this time of planning- or have happened to wander in quite by accident or curiosity I hope you will leave this site a little more inspired, uplifted or just overall amused and in awe of the astounding God who created us.

I feel personally launching this blog took so long because for a long time I could not pinpoint exactly what sort of blog it would be. A lifestyle blog, yes, I suppose of sorts. Unfortunately I do not feel I have any real profound “life hacks” to share. I never planned to sell anything as I am not great with cooking or basic adult responsibilities. (I manage and have my moments, but I do not count my small victories grand enough to build a blog on). Knowing, one such as yourself, would be taking time to read whatever nonsense I felt compelled to post I wanted to be sure it would be worth your while. Not that nonsense is a negative thing, I personally believe that just the right amount of nonsense is actually extremely beneficial. Still time is precious, and I certainly do not want to purposefully waste that God-given gift. Yet, my heart was determined this blog must be, and so here we are.

With all that said, I will let you know this blog is an account of amazing and astounding acts. It will change your life. These heroic acts are not feats done by myself, but by a God who shows up faithfully, everyday- rain or shine. The reality is that this blog’s purpose is one that is not defined in any of the Pinterest pins I read while trying to create it- it is a continuous Declaration.

It is a declaration of war on fear and doubt and pain. It is a declaration of love and faith and hope. This blog’s purpose is to compile stories of God showing up in what, if we are not paying attention, can seem like our mundane everyday life. This is a declaration of God’s miraculous work, when things are falling apart, falling into place or just seemingly plateaued. 

I have witnessed God showing up in what seem the smallest, yet sweetest ways, in my everyday life. He never fails. This is a place for not only the big moments, but all of the moments. The times which we can so easily overlook… until we hear (or read) someone else’s story and it makes us reflect on our own day and if we truly look we have an eureka moment- God was at work in our day too!

And because this blog is built on the declaring hope through God’s faithfulness in our actually extraordinary everyday lives, this blog belongs to all of us. It’s purpose is greater than myself, it is a part of a much bigger picture, which 1) is an incredible relief 2) makes for an incredibly exciting adventure.

All (including you) are invited to share your stories here. You may comment on existing posts, or if you have a story you would love to share please write (type) it out and email it to declarehopeministries@gmail.com and it will be posted to the “Shared Stories” tab. This blog is meant to record His awesome work, what He has done in the past, what He is doing in the present for the future and of course what He is doing today.

I cannot wait to hear and read your declarations! In the meantime I hope you find joy and encouragement in the stories shared here and the beneficial nonsense that may fill this site (consider this a sort of public service announcement/ warning- as I am easily amused and have full access to post as I please 🙂 ).

Bunches of Love and Unceasing Prayers,