Lord Bless the Fireflies

“I have come as Light into the world, so that everyone who believes in Me will not remain in darkness.

John 12:46

I am so far behind.

Assignments unfinished.

Emails unanswered.

To Do Lists unaccomplished.

Phone calls unmade.

And projects untouched.

More often than not I find myself thinking of everything I have not done with little celebration for what I have finished…

I was probably late finishing it and therefore its completion brings its own guilt. It may be finished but not when I had hoped it would be completed. An accomplished relief filled guilt. But still guilt.

And after a period, if left unchecked you can get buried under that heaviness. Each “To Do” a stone carried on your back. And it feels for every stone you finally let go, two more appear.

One task done, two more come. The mystery of the never ending “To Do” list.

And sometimes the list seems so long, a chaotic jump from bullet point to bullet point, that you freeze uncertain of where to even start.

The bag of stones is too heavy, the mountain too steep and you are too tired. Dust covers you as you hit your knees in surrender. Some of your stones roll away. Most of them remain by your side, seemingly taunting you or calling out to be accomplished.

Remember? Remember how important I am? Remember why I am in this bag?

And you do. But you’re tired.

However, after a few moments having hit your knees something miraculous begins to take place. You rest, your burden at your side but no longer on your shoulders, and after a moment you look up. And for the first time since you have been struggling with your burden you can really breathe.

Not the labored breath of climbing a mountain with a weighted sack filled with everything you should do or need to do. But a deep, life giving, relaxing breath.

You remember that you are human. And that means something.

How awe-inspiring it is to know and be loved by a God who created fireflies.

As we go about our daily tasks and assignments we can get caught up in the imperfections and frustrations of this world. The heart wrenching realities and painful truths and exhausting call to move, move, move. Never fast enough, almost always behind…

But when we stop we give ourselves the opportunity to tap into a power beyond our own. A power who created the universe, light as bright as the sun and as magical as the fireflies.

A power who created and loves you- who loved you before any of the “To Dos” on your list even existed.

A Savior who when you look up you realize is at your side offering a hand as he shoulders your sack of stones taking your burden as his own.

Summer always goes flies too fast.

My prayer is that aside from the “To Dos” and list of hoped accomplishments, that we remember to stop and take a moment and appreciate the wonders around us- reminders that we do no walk this journey alone and our burden is not our own.

And when in doubt, look to the fireflies, they’ll remind you that the God who created you also created them, and what is more loving and reassuring than that?

*Thank you toan phan on Unsplash for the photo.



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