This Wonderful Adventure

Over the past several months I have been prayerfully considering my next steps for the future. Having received news which seemed to send my dreams crashing, in the middle of the heartache my faith never failed (sometimes barely held on but never failed).

Through the tears and the confusion I could feel the peace of the One much wiser than I holding me and gently begin putting pieces back together, creating a new dream.

The picture is not complete yet, and that is okay. One of the most exciting aspects of an adventure is the unknown.

However, first step has fallen into place. And I am excited to announce I will be continuing my ministerial education after my graduation this May at Liberty University in their Master’s of Divinity Chaplaincy program.

In the wake of this news I am in awe at all He has done, is doing and will do.

Heavenly Father,

What gifts you give continuously. This morning I awoke fully rested and found my first piece of news to be that I was accepted to Liberty’s chaplaincy program. All of this taking place after your enormous small blessings all day yesterday.

Thank you God for all You do, all You have given. You not only give the day and life but You also bless it in awe inspiring love. All of me shouts Your praise.

You God move mountains, cause the seas to dance and have dominion over all. Lord as I arise help me to discern Your will so I may live out the purpose for which You have created me for and called me to.

I lift up every care of my heart- the minuscule to the crushing. I entrust all I am and all I love into Your Almighty hands. You are my never failing light.

You are the Author and Creator of this life, everything seen and unseen, and You do not allow us to be overcome. In You we can walk across the water amidst every storm.

In Your Great and Holy Name,

Let’s do today ❤️ Amen.

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